Cover 97 Custom Bike Rack Designs Wagner is a specialist in Pipe and Tube bending. Send us your custom Bike Rack designs or choose from those shown on this page. Custom racks can be made to meet your specific requirements at competitive prices. Contact Wagner for other Pipe and Tube sizes and custom finishes – including powder-coat colors. Many municipalities use Bike Racks made from Square Tube to deter thieves with Pipe cutters. Contact regarding Bike Racks made from 2" Square Tube. 3 1 / 2 " 36" Three Loop - Holds 5 Bikes 60" Five Loop - Holds 7 Bikes 84" Seven Loop - Holds 9 Bikes 108" Nine Loop - Holds 11 Bikes 42" 6" 132" Eleven Loop - Holds 13 Bikes Industrial Strength Serpentine Bike Racks Produced from continuous, Schedule 40, 2" Nominal Pipe, these Serpentine Bike Racks are available from stock for quick shipment. Wagner Serpentine Racks are produced in high quality Steel or Type 304 Stainless Steel. The steel Bike Racks are available with a mill or hot-dipped galvanized finish while the Stainless Steel racks are available with a satin finish. Select from 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 loop styles to suit your specific needs, configurations and budget. The racks are easily installed for high security using an in- ground mount or available surface mount kit. Contact Wagner regarding ways in which your Bike Rack can be uniquely branded for your location – i.e., adding signage or incorporating a logo. Optional bent base surface mount is available. Standard Surface Mount (-SM) Surface Mount Options Note: Required drain holes are plugged following galvanizing. Standard surface mount has a welded Flange as shown. STEEL STEEL SURFACE MOUNT HOT-DIPPED GALVANIZED STEEL HOT-DIPPED GALVANIZED STEEL SURFACE MOUNT SATIN STAINLESS SATIN STAINLESS SURFACE MOUNT Single Loop SR1M SR1M-SM SR1G SR1G-SM SR1SS SR1SS-SM 3-Loop SR3M SR3M-SM SR3G SR3G-SM SR3SS SR3SS-SM 5-Loop SR5M SR5M-SM SR5G SR5G-SM SR5SS SR5SS-SM 7-Loop SR7M SR7M-SM SR7G SR7G-SM SR7SS SR7SS-SM 9-Loop SR9M SR9M-SM SR9G SR9G-SM SR9SS SR9SS-SM 11-Loop* SR11M SR11M-SM SR11G SR11G-SM SR11SS SR11SS-SM * With Center Post Custom Bike Racks: 2" Schedule 40 Pipe STANDARD PRODUCTS RAILING SYSTEMS TRADITIONAL RAILING CUSTOM SERVICES APPENDIX Industrial Strength Bike Racks