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Wagner Little Giant

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  • just purchased a 700 pull start and an electric start. was wondering if I could get some information about these tractors. was also wondering if you have any literature for these. know of anyplace I can get decals and whatnot to restore these. thanks for your response.

  • Mr.Leto, I have also acquired a Little Giant recently, seems that the Garden Tractor’s from the 50’s-70’s has been quite the growing interest among collectors. Mine and others intentions is to restore these marvels from our past, to restore/protect history. With that being said, I seen you mentioned you have no other brochures, however, is it possible we could get some info that maybe be on your books, such as how many were made? The history of Why they were made?
    I’ve heard an story that the Little Giant was in competition to make a Garden Tractor for International, against Cub Cadet? Is this anywhere near true? Fascinating if true and would Love to hear more of that history? I have pictures of this tractor and would love to share with you if interested.
    Thank you for taken the time to read this E-Mail and if you or anyone else could help us preserve this great history would be so Appreciated!!!

    • I did forward your question to Bob Wagner and this is his reply:
      Dear Mr. Wagner,
      Sorry I took so long to reply. My dad created this tractor modeled after one that he created for me in about 1949. I recall a photo of mine but haven’t looked recently.

      The great shame is that my dad’s partner destroyed all family and company history prior to 1955. Being as I was 14 at the time, I have distant recollection of that history.

      I really can’t tell you if the Cub was a competitor or who was first to market.
      From time to time I do have conversation on this same tractor and on the hydraulic front end loaders for farm tractors which were introduced and patented in the ‘40s by my dad. There are hundreds of those still operating today.

      I wish I could be of greater help but the data doesn’t exist.

      Good luck on your search,
      Bob Wagner

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