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How to use cable hardware with wood framed railings

The drawings at this Cable Railing with Wood from Wagner Companieslink illustrate some of the ways Ultra-tec® hardware is used in wood end and corner posts. A minimum nominal 4 × 4 (3-1/2″ × 3-1/2″ actual) is recommended for any post where cable hardware is mounted. 

Cables should be spaced on end posts on centers of no more than 3.125″, and the Cable should be supported in some fashion by no more than every 48″ along the Cable run. 

Cables can be cut and fittings swaged in the field using Ultra-tec® Swaging Equipment – available for rent or purchase. 

With some hardware, the Cable can be cut to customer provided lengths and the fittings swaged on at the factory, thus providing ready to install hardware.

Click here for more information on installing Ultra-tec® cable rail with wood posts.

Cable hardware With Wood Posts

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