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The Survey Says . . .

At Wagner, we have always felt that our customer service, product quality, and delivery were appreciated by our customers. We’ve even made it part of our mission statement: Best Customer Experience: Best People, Best Product, Best Performance.

But we didn’t know how much it was appreciated until now. We recently completed a survey of our customers with some wonderful results:

Wagner Customer Satisfaction

Customers indicated that they are extremely satisfied with RB Wagner

  • Nearly four-in-five (79%) indicated they are extremely satisfied, with an additional 15% somewhat satisfied.
  • Extremely high ratings on having quality products (4.7 of 5.0) & shipping on time (4.66 of 5.0).

Additionally, Wagner achieved an extremely high Net Promoter Score of 81. This is a great number, especially when compared to the national average for manufacturing firms which is only 56. This indicates that our customers are willing to actively promote Wagner to their colleagues.

Thank you to all of you who have participated. This will be an ongoing process with surveys scheduled on a semi-annual basis.

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