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Wagner Companies

Bob Wagner's 50th Anniversary


In '63 the world was changed one dark and fateful day
Bob Wagner came to work one morn and never went away

Now Bob had many options when considering careers
But he chose to stay with Wagner and he stayed for fifty years.

For many of you young'uns, that seems so far away
But for those of us much older, it's more like yesterday

The Braves were in Milwaukee with Hank something to behold
The Packers and Lombardi made us proud of green and gold

Back then when we said "blueprints" they really were all blue
You wrote an order with a pencil and carbon paper too

No iphones or computers then to do all of our thinking
We did it with a slide rule, which made us all start drinking

On Gladstone Av we set to work, making parts and selling
Stampings, elbows, flanges too. Our product line was swelling

We just kept growing bigger when in 1987
We got a larger building and felt we were in heaven

But Wagner wasn't done yet, and we kept on getting bolder
Johann Tube and J.G. Braun were added to our folder

And larger yet did Wagner get and bought a new facility
Hoping to provide a space to give us all tranquility

With glass and stainless, we did grow with more and newer stuff
And then we added lighting, as if that weren't enough

Fifty years have come and gone and Bob? Well, he's still here
And as the years go by it's clear, he'll never disappear

Through it all, Bob's been there to guide us on our journey
He's quick to say, when he goes away, it will be on a gurney

It is a truth that we all know, and our loyalty we're swearing
'Cause engineers they never die, they simply lose their bearings