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General Videos

Find out more about our company and what we do with these videos:

Pipe Vs. Tube

Ultra-tec Cable Design Guide

Wagner Virtual Tour

Polishing Department

Tool & Die Department

Press Department

Will Call, Wrapping & Maintenance

Pipe Bending Department

1/2″ – 2″ Pipe Bender

2″ – 4″ Pipe Bender


News & Events

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A Practical Guide to Selecting the Right Code for Glass Railing Installations

Determining the most reasonable code to go by for virtually any given glass railing project requires bearing in mind maximum safety, liability, e...

– 08 / 11 / 16 MORE

A Look Beneath the Surface at Railing Selection

Key insights for material, form, function, and an appearance that lasts Railings are in place to provide guidance and help prevent accidents as ...

– 07 / 20 / 16 MORE

Wagner Companies Launches Online Updates

Building on a 164 year legacy, The Wagner Companies is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of handrail fittings and metal products for custom ...

– 09 / 02 / 15 MORE