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Glass Railing System Components

Shop & order components, accessories and other glass mounting hardware for the installation of structural glass railing systems for use as handrail, safety rail, fence, deck, balcony or many other applications through the use of wet glaze or PanelGrip® dry glaze shoe moulding solutions.

Glass Railing System with Handrail Installed in a Stadium or Arena using Glass Mounting Hardware
Glass Mount Brackets
In a stair-way, guard (guardrail) application – 42″ high – codes will generally require that a handrail be provided at a height of between 34″ and 38″. With glass railing systems, these glass mounting hardware brackets permit attachment of brackets directly to tempered glass structural balustrades.

Glass Mounting Hardware Bracket Details:

  • Designed for use with 1/2″ and 3/4″ tempered glass panels as structural balusters.
  • Will meet established structural requirements when properly installed.
  • Combination of assemblies and stock components accommodate various job site conditions.
  • Splice connectors are available from stock. Inquire about curved sections custom bending, miter corners and end caps.
  • Refer to the shoe moulding attachment details which depict methods of attachment for which we have calculations.

Other Glass Mounting Hardware & Railing Components to choose from:

Shoe Moulding Attachments
Top Rails

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