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Polishing Supplies & Anchoring Cement

Polishing Supplies

Wagner is pleased to offer our customers the same quality polishing belts, buffs and compounds used in our own manufacturing processes. The cotton buff is used for brightening, and the sisal buff is for removing minor marks.

Expansion Cement

ROCKITE® and KWIXSET® are fast-setting, hydraulic-type expanding cement compounds of more than twice the strength of fully cured conventional concrete. When mixed with water, they will flow and seep into place as though they were molten lava.

In addition to its ease of application, strength and versatility, the important features of Rockite and Kwixset are their controlled expansion – unlike iron bearing cement mixtures.

Cured Rockite is a pleasing grey color that blends with concrete.

Rockite and Kwixset save costly dollars in downtime, as they can both be stress-loaded within two hours and fully set over seven days.

The application procedure is so simple that inexperienced labor can handle almost any installation.

Rockite and Kwixset save repair dollars because they ensure permanent results.

Once you try it, you’ll never be without it. ROCKITE AND KWIXSET EXPANSION CEMENTS

Use Rockite and Kwixset to anchor:

Starter Rods
Motors – machines
Security Fencings

Use Rockite and Kwixset for self-level patching:


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Lighted Railing Installation

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Cable Railing Installation

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