Aluminum Railing & Handrail Solutions

Architectural Aluminum Railing used for Handrails

Aluminum railing (non-weld pipe) is specifically designed to allow a handrail installation to utilize all of the advantages of aluminum; where strength, durability and no-paint maintenance is a key factor. Wagner’s handrail solutions are made using the highest quality aluminum extrusions and castings and benefit from concealed fasteners, offering a smooth finish, making it the finest contemporary railing design available on the market today. Choose from multiple options for a lasting and visually appealing aluminum railing for your application. Aluminum Handrail can be purchased as components or as pre-fabricated and ready-to-install handrail systems.

Aluminum Handrail & Railing We Support

Series 500 & 550 (Aluminum Pipe Railing)
  • Pre-fabricated aluminum railing also available as components
  • Available Pre-assembled in lengths up to 24 feet
  • No rusting, no painting
  • Unlimited designs & applications
  • Easy, fast installation without welding – See Assembly and Application Guide
  • Durable and functional handrail design
  • Strong and decorative
  • Saves on installation and maintenance labor
Eight smart, decorative finishes add a distinctive touch to any building. Whether baked-on enamel or anodized, these railing finishes are guaranteed to endure for years of continued service and maintenance-free beauty.
Series 900 & 950 (Heavy-Duty Aluminum Handrail)
  • Pre-Fabricated handrail solution that is custom built and ready for installation
  • Can be purchased as railing components
  • No rusting, no painting
  • Unlimited designs & applications
  • Easy, fast installation without welding
  • Durable and functional design
  • Strong and decorative
  • Saves on installation and maintenance labor
  • Optional – Pool Railing Available with handrail or railing height up to 72″ (Pool Railing Fence)
Can be found wherever clean design and safety are a must. Great railings for condominiums, apartments, motels, churches, schools, commercial buildings and homes.

For applications which require a sleek architectural design and finish.

Appearance –Combines clean look of a welded rail with the benefits of a mechanical system
Strength – Handrail designed to meet any building code – please refer to structural test data for more information on application
Corrosion Resistance – Supplied with a 215-R1 anodized finish, providing additional resistance to corrosion and staining – hardware supplied is stainless steel – mill finish fittings also available
Durability – Double tang set screw activated design provides a virtually maintenance-free system, which is inherently longer lasting than those that utilize adhesives and pop rivets
Interna-Rail® Overview and Features | Interna-Rail® Technical Information | Interna-Rail® Assembly Instructions | Interna-Rail® ADA Assembly Instuctions
Wagnerail™ cast ball fittings for use with aluminum pipe – A classic style, still commonly seen along the ocean and in older facilities. In recent years, Wagner has received requests for these parts as many municipalities are restoring some of these existing installations or using them for new construction in historic renovations. Wagner is pleased to reintroduce these parts in cast aluminum for use with 1-1/2″ aluminum pipe.
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