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We offer our customers a local source for the forming and stamping of parts. Since we are able to perform this process internally, we don’t have to outsource it overseas. Plus, due to the efficiency of our operation, we can stamp a part or product in smaller quantities and offer more competitive prices with quicker turnaround times than the competition.

  • 1/4″ × 10′ Amada Shear Mild Steel
  • Thirty-four Presses from 10 Ton to 400 Ton
  • Coil Capacity to 1/4″ × 12″
  • Various Coil Cradles, Straighteners and Reels
  • Drawing Capability
  • Eleven Drilling and Tapping Presses
  • Two Multi-head Drill Presses
  • Four Deburring/Tumbling/Drying Machines to 24 Cubic Feet
  • Two Hot Water Dip and Rinse Machines
  • Two Water Wash Degreaser – Hot Pressure Wash
  • Deoxidation Cleaning Tank
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank for small parts
  • Apex Auto-Grinding and Deburring Machine


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Straightforward installation and the ability to customize your look.


Lighted Railing Installation

Installation instructions for Lumenrail®


Cable Railing Installation

Learn about Ultra-tec® cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing.



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