Why There Are No Handrails in “Star Wars”?

As I go around the country and do presentations on building codes relating to railing, I show some photos at the end indicative of my critiques of railings I see in the world and on film/tv.

For instance, I display this photo:

No OSHA Railing on the Death Star

Clearly, the Death Star is beyond the reach of OSHA since there is no mid-rail or toe board on this guard. I also enjoy seeing the safety measures in place to protect Mark Hamill should he fall.

Then Bob Wagner sent me a link to this video where I learn that the lack of handrails in the original Star Wars series was a conscious decision. So take a look at the video and learn why there are no handrails in “Star Wars.”

By the way, they mistakenly reference “handrails” when we all know that what would be required are “guards”.

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