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Introduction to Building Codes

What are building codes? Why do we have them? Why can’t we just build buildings however we want? These are some of the questions that this webinar set will help you to answer. The regulation of the way buildings are built in the United States is unique, compared to other industries and even other countries. It can be a mystery to those who have not yet actively participated in the process. This webinar will try to provide the big picture, even for those who have no experience with building codes. This introductory webinar from the ICC will provide a sense for the structure of the codes and the way that they are enforced. It will also show how codes have come about and changed over time, from early fire codes to today’s green codes. Part I          Part II

Festivus Poles 10th Anniversary at The Wagner Companies

May the Festivus be with you

What started out as laugh for Seinfeld fans and Wagner continues to be the gift that keeps on giving as we celebrate our 10th year as the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminum Festivus Poles. First introduced to the world in the Dec. 17, 1997 episode of the classic comedy series "Seinfeld", Festivus has taken hold throughout the world as an alternative to the hectic and overly commercialized holiday season. Part of the celebration focused on a tinsel-free alternative to the Christmas tree -- an aluminum pole. Wagner happens to have many tons of aluminum "pole" material in stock (aka: aluminum pipe) (more…)

Clarifying Handrail Bracket Clearance

Wanger Handrail Bracket Stainless Steel Wagner Bar Bend Handrail Bracket

Handrail Bracket Clearance: Required clearance between a handrail and other building elements continues to confound and confuse. Here's a quick review of where present codes now stand.

The 1992 Americans With Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) stated that there was to be an absolute dimension of 1-1/2" between a handrail and a wall. This was actually a "grab bar" dimension which was part of an old version of ANSI A117.1. It's purpose was to avoid someone from getting caught between the wall and the handrail. ANSI changed the notation to 1-1/2" minimum in 1990. (more…)

PanelGrip Fits Perfectly in Airport Terminals

Dry Glaze Railing Solution Speeds Installation at World’s Busiest Airport Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is the busiest passenger airport in the world, with 2,500 arrivals and departures and serving an astounding 250,000 passengers daily. So when Stainless Fabricators Inc. won the bid to install railings at the facility’s brand new international terminal, it represented an opportunity to be a part of a high-profile project and enhance the company’s reputation. The project called for 2,000 feet of glass railing to be installed. It included stairways, raised balcony areas, walkways, and exterior railings for both departure and arrival areas – a large-scale project by any standard. Additionally, multiple contractors installing thousands of different parts and pieces and hard and fast deadlines combined to create a situation with no room for error. Challenges on a large-scale (more…)

Easier Installation Makes Glass Railings Ideal

Embrace glass railings and thrive Why the time is now to seize the opportunity. With glass trending upward in architectural design and growing in demand in the North American market, it’s time to embrace glass railings and grow your business. (more…)

Why Dry Glaze Glass Railing Makes Sense

Solutions for simplified installation Evolution of glass railing system innovation saves time and money. For glass installers and metal fabricators alike, profitability on the job means getting in and out of the job as quickly as possible and getting the job done without any hiccups. Ensuring quality work is equally as important. Fortunately, railing system design has evolved to help achieve these goals. Here’s how. Easier and faster (more…)


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Straightforward installation and the ability to customize your look.


Lighted Railing Installation

Installation instructions for Lumenrail® and Ledpod products.


Cable Railing Installation

Learn about Ultra-tec® cable cutting, swaging measurements and how to install cable railing.