Lumenlinear™ Lumenrail LED Lighted Railing Systems

Beauty, Safety, Appearance

Lumenrail Linear LED RailingLumenlinear is a state-of-the-art low-voltage LED light fixture that’s an exceptional integrated linear source to enhance any stairway or walkway. Its unmatched fixture performance allows for truly spectacular installations and provides an effective Lumenrail® solution for any lighting design challenge.

Lumenlinear is a uniform and practical solution for adding beauty and light to your life safety installations. It’s available in a range of warm, neutral or cool white color temperatures and with options for solid colors, and standard-, mid- and high-output offerings.

Lumenlinear lighting provides ample illumination for life safety and ambiance without the glare or harshness of overhead pole lighting. The diminutive profile and variable length provide seamless runs of projected light with full IES cutoff when installed in our Lumenrail® system.

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Here are two excellent use of Wagner’s Lumenlinear product

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge; Big Four Station Part, Jeffersonville, IN
Architect: TEG Architects; Photo: Stuart May, United Consulting.

Lumenrail Linear Lighted LED Railing System Lumenrail Linear Lighted LED Railing System

1600 Seventh Building; Seattle Central Business District; Seattle, WA
Design: HBB Landscape Architecture

Lumenrail Linear LED Railing

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