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Exciting New Developments in our Cable Railing Offering

Cable railing for a deckWe are pleased to announce two exciting new developments within the Wagner Companies cable rail offering which will make cable railing projects easier and more economical going forward.

  1. Intermediate Post Spacing Increased to 48”
  2. Required tension on cable reduced to 225 lbs.

Intermediate posts/supports can now be spaced up to a maximum of 48” apart thus requiring fewer posts per overall run offering the potential for realistic project cost savings.

Reducing cable tension from 400 lbs. “Down” to 225 lbs. offers the potential for new considerations in cable post design In support of these new and exciting developments many of the existing Wagner support documents have changed.

To ensure that you have the most up to date and accurate information please refer to the Wagner “Knowledge Base” located on the Wagner Companies website thru the Resource center. This valuable tool will provide you with not only the new and updated documentation relating to our cable rail offering but provide a portal to the unrivalled library of technical support data for our industry.

Updated Links are located in our knowledge base accessible through the Wagner Companies website:

  1. Cable Rail terminal selection  measurement sheet – straight-runs
  2. Cable rail terminal selection  measurement-sheet – pitched-runs
  3. Cable railing catalog
  4. Cable rail post order form
  5. Cable brace order form
  6. Cable support order form
  7. Cable rail drill guide order form
  8. 2-x-2-x-25-wall-structural-steel-end-post construction
  9. Round pipe and round steel tubing posts
  10. Vertical cable railing frame styles
  11. Design parameters constraints
  12. Cable rail hardware load-data
  13. Double end-post construction
  14. Cable rail hole sizing for powder coated posts
  15. Using cable hardware with wood-framed railing
  16. Designing a Wood Railing with Cable as an In-fill
  17. Ultra-tec Cable Cutting and swaging measurement instructions for factory swaged-cables only
  18. Cable Rail Installation Guide

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