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Custom Pipe and Tube Bending

Wagner provides induction, roll and rotary pipe and tube bending for industrial, commercial, recreational and architectural applications.

Wagner specializes in round, square and rectangular shaped steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum pipe and tubing. Short tangent or full-length multiple bend capabilities available.




Rotary Bending

Rotary Bending is accomplished by bending the pipe or tube on a fixed die set machined to fit the exact outside diameter. A mandrel is inserted inside the pipe or tube to prevent collapse during the bending process.      Wagner can rotary bend most...more

Roll Bending

ROLL BENDING • Pipe sizes: 3/4", 1",1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4".   • OD tubing sizes:1.250", 1.500", 2.000", 2.500", 3.000", 3.500", 4.000", 4.500" and 5.000".   • Square and rectangular tubing sizes: 3/4"...more

Induction Bending

Induction Bending is accomplished by heating the material and    forcing the bend to a preset radius.    Since no special tooling is required, induction bending is a    precise and cost-effective method of custom bending pipe or tube for    ...more


Wagner can produce sweeping rail returns – sweeps – to your specifications. These sweeps greatly reduce the time spent by fabricators in the field while providing the quality look of a true sweeping elbow. Such elbows are recommended by ICC/ANSI A117.1 and the ADAAG which...more

Rolling a Helix

ROLLING A HELIX   In a true helix, the material is twisted. Roll Bending operates only in one plane and therefore Wagner cannot actually roll a helical bend. However, we have found that on larger centerline radii – 15' and above – we can calculate a radius bend...more

Radius vs. Diameter

Bend radii and diameters will refer to either the inside or center line of a bend. There is often confusion between radius versus diameter. Note in the diagram below that the diameter is two times the radius. Therefore a 180º bend on a 7" center line radius would yield a 14" center line diameter...more

Custom Bending To Specification

BENDING • Fifteen Rotary Draw Benders thru 4" Sch. 80 Pipe (4.500" OD)   • VB300 Eaton Leonard CNC 3" Rotary Bender   • VB400 Eaton Leonard CNC 4" Rotary Bender   • Two Elva Induction Benders through 5...more

Custom Bending Templates

Wagner can bend most pipe schedules and tube gauges. Please contact Wagner with your special requirements. For custom bending, quotes will indicate the Wagner Tolerance Class used for each quote. Please indicate if dimensions have critical tolerances. Quotes can be based on...more