Antique Catalogs

Recently, I was searching for some old J.G. Braun catalogs on our website when I found that there were old J.G. Braun catalogs posted for sale on other sites for some significant dollars. I guess we’re sitting on a gold mine here in our storage area.

When we updated our corporate site a few months back, the links to these catalogs were not carried over. I’m reposting them here so that you can access them if you wish.

J.G. Braun’s God Practice for Ornamental Iron WorkJ.G. Braun Good Practice for Ornamental Metal Work

J.G. Braun Catalog from 1929

J.G. Braun Catalog from 1930

J.G. Braun Catalog from 1938

Mannstaedt Catalog of Steel Mouldings from 1916

Antique Catalog of Mannstaedt Steel Mouldings

Antique Russian Catalog of Ornamental Metal Components



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