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UltraTec Cable Railing

Cable Railing


Design Parameters

Design Parameters & Constraints   ...more


Ultra-tec® Cable Railing System Overview of Features   Railing frame components can be specified...more

Hardware Load Data

Cable Railing Summary of Loads by Part Number ...more

Photo Gallery

Decks - Wood and Metal Railings       Stairs      Balconies and...more


The Ultra-tec® Cable Railing System was created to meet the need for more suitable mounting and tensioning hardware for use in pedestrian cable railings than was available from conventional sources...more

Cable Railing Guide Specifications

Download Guide Specifications in Microsoft Word format   These guide specifications are intended to be used as the basis for developing job specifications and must be edited to fit specific job...more
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Cable Railing Systems from The Wagner Companies

Ultra-tec® Railing Systems were created to enhance aesthetics and flexibility in any setting. All hardware components come in a variety of sizes and material choices that can be configured to meet your specific design needs.

Ultra-tec® Railing System is the only cable railing system to feature Invisiware®. Invisiware™ hardware is hidden inside the end posts providing a clean look unmatched by any other cable connector.